Why Reputation Management Is So Important In a Business?

Think about the last time you were going out for dinner and wanted to try a new restaurant. Why did you choose that restaurant? If you are like most people, you probably searched online for various reviews before picking the restaurant with good to great feedback from customers. We all know that the modern customer and business relies on the internet to find products and services they need. They utilize review platforms, social media, and even your website to form an opinion about the businesses they find and ultimately purchase from.

What Is Your Online Reputation?

Simply put, your online reputation is how your customers and potential customers see you when they search for you online.
The sites that list your company and your reputation are called “Local Directories”. These sites, combined, represent millions of potential customers for local businesses like yours. Top listing directories include: Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Facebook, Home Advisor, etc.
When someone searches for your business, this is what they’ll see:

85% of consumers trust online reviews about businesses as much as personal recommendations. Your online rating could be the reason your prospects choose your business over your competitors. A poor online rating could cost you customers, decrease your sales, and put you far behind your competition. Customers value online reviews and recommendations, and that is why your business cannot ignore them.

A Better Reputation Can Grow Your Business By 40 – 50%!

The truth is: consumers research online before you even know that they are considering using your service or buying your product. And because reviews and information about a company can be found easily online, those customers will be seeing all the information that’s out there about your company.

This is how much the influence of online reviews has grown:

  • 97%of consumers read online reviews to find a local business.
    Your potential customers are using other people’s recommendations to look for you. You have to male sure that all they’re seeing are good reviews.
  • 85%of consumers trust online reviews about businesses as much as personal recommendations.
    Your customers are taking other people’s reviews to heart. If they see negative reviews, they won’t consider your business.
  • 76%of consumers trust a company more if they read positive reviews.
    Positive reviews lead to closed deals and boosted sales. Are you showing your prospects the best side of your business? 
  • 86%of customers look at the reviews before making a buying decision.
    Want more customers to buy from you? Give them the incentive with 5-star reviews and a stellar online reputation!
  • 90% of customers comparison shop every purchase
    Right now, your customers are comparing your business to your competitors. Your online reputation will be the push that helps them make a final decision. You have to make them choose your business.

With a great online reputation, your business can:

  • Build trust and credibility
  • Boost your profits
  • Control your brand’s image successfully
  • Build a brand loyal community
  • Gain a big competitive advantage

Most search results are arranged by popularity, not when the review was posted. Older, outdated information can show up first if enough people click on them. So, you could be losing customers to competitors because of a machine’s choices. You could be making $100,000 more in annual revenue, but these algorithms are holding you back. But you can change this by educating your customers on how to make reviews that will pass the algorithm.

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